Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you! Use the contact form below to contact the Project Coordinator, Karen Graham, Community Nutritionist with Interior Health.

Reasons to contact us?

  • You are an artist wishing more information. For example, you would like to develop an independent artwork.
  • You are a community-based, non-profit organization interested in collaborating to support a local artist by applying for local funding.
  • You have an idea of a location for the Breastfeeding Art Expo when it tours your own community.
  • You are interested in breastfeeding and might want to volunteer in some way, possibly in assisting with fund raising, helping organize the Expo in a location close to where you live.
  • You’re not sure how you might fit into the project, but you’d love to learn more!


All of these reasons are a good reason to send us an email.


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